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What We do

Multiple Services,

One Point of Contact

Think of us like an executive assistant, amplified.

How We Align The Stars

We help business owners connect with companies in these types of fields, and far beyond. Not only do we make the connections, but we also handle the management, the facilitation, the invoicing, and everything in between so that you can relax and focus on what it is you do best.

Video Production

Looking to put your best foot forward? We connect you with professional videographers that are the right fit for your business.


Effective messaging and communication is vital, so we help make sure your writing is an accurate and effective representation of your organization.

Technology Assistance

Small businesses have tech needs, too. We help connect you with professionals to help you feel confident and secure with your technology.

Graphic Design

If you need materials and brand assets that highlight your organizations or event, you need a graphic designer. Good design rarely stands out, but bad design will always be noticed. 

Wealth Management

Certified Financial Planners that hold a fiduciary standard with your interests, first.

Cleaning Services

Highly skilled commercial and residential cleaning services.

Social Media

Deliver content and conversation that is always authentically on-brand.

Tax Preparation

Let the experts handle your taxes so you can focus on the day-to-day.


We help refer you to photographers that fit your style and needs for images including headshots, stock photos, and social media content. 

How this works

The 989Concierge Process

If you’re a business owner, you are likely spinning a lot of plates. We take some of those plates off your hands by connecting you to service providers to help you delegate your tasks so that you can focus on what it is that you do best. 

It’s kind of like an executive assistant, but SO much more.

We sit down with you to identify not only where you need help, but also key in some areas you might not have thought about yet. From there, we handle the details. We contact the vetted service providers in the fields we’ve identified, help to define the scope of the project, get the ball rolling, and then act as your dedicated project manager where we keep everything on track and manage any potential conflicts. The end result? Happy business owners and happy service providers. Oh, and a lot less broken plates.

What Others Say

"We engaged Jen Idalski at 989Concierge to perform several mission critical functions while covering a vacation in our two person office."

- Financial Services Client

What Others Say

"Jen is a quick study and was able to complete the assigned tasks in an accurate and timely manner."

- Financial Services Client

What Others Say

"When confronted with an unexpected issue not covered in training, Jen was able to solve the problem effectively."

- Financial Services Client

What Others Say

"Jen is a true professional and 989Concierge results exceeded our expectations!"

- Financial Services Client

What Others Say

"When I was at my wits end with data entry, Jen swooped in and saved the day. She was able to organize all of our data quickly and efficiently. It saved me valuable time to focus on other areas of my business."

- Non-Profit Client

What Others Say

"When I found myself suddenly short staffed, I panicked.  I had to focus on the business building tasks which meant that the administrative tasks started piling up quickly.  Jen was able to significantly reduce my stress by taking some things off my plate. She was very focused, organized and met every deadline we agreed upon. She was a lifesaver to me & my business."

- Financial Services Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

989Concierge is here to act as a support for your business. We are your vehicle to delegate by connecting you with professional services or helping you manage day to day tasks. Your business will have one point of contact which ensures timely completion and accuracy.

I started my business from the ground up, I am nervous about asking for help.

That makes sense, and keep in mind that 989Concierge is also a small business and we understand how stressful it can be to hand things over. Just keep in mind that you deserve time to relax and we offer piece of mind.

I want more people to know about my business, how do I do that?

It sounds like you could use assistance in public relations. We can pull together professionals in areas such as social media, graphic design and videography to be sure your business has the best chance to be visible.

My office is not organized. I lose track of things.

The majority of small businesses have less than 4 employees. This means most business owners are juggling several tasks; office manager, sales representative, HR director. It’s difficult to stay on top of everything. We can help you create a system that will work to maximize your productivity. This is about quality of life. You deserve to have a fulfilling life outside of work.

What is your ideal client?

A small business owner that is ready to delegate and improve a business's message and operations, whether that is a temporary fix or a long term solution through outsourcing.

How much do you charge?

We quote based on the job type and stay away from hourly because we focus on quality.  We also set up monthly retainers for ongoing jobs.

What types of jobs do you work with the most?

We support during times of staff transition and help business owners delegates tasks they often put off.

I’m concerned on privacy, can you keep things confidential?

Absolutely and that is standard practice.  Only when divulging that information is required to do the job, will we disclose clients.

What benefits do I get from your services?

Think of 989Concierge as a general contractor.  If you are building a house, it’s more efficient to have a point person that coordinated the smaller parts, right?  We act as that general contractor when you need to outsource specialized services or those daily tasks you’d like to delegate.   

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