To Market, To Market
April 30, 2020
by Jen Idalski

The old adage that you get what you pay for is sometimes true.  However, some of my favorite clothes and housewares were found at a great price.  It’s best to work with what you have and go from there.  My referral partners want to help small businesses survive the current economic climate, starting with what they have.  We are small business owners too, and we understand the importance of generating income and being a viable option for consumers through online access and eCommerce.

Instead of creating some arbitrary package prices based on what I think people want, I’d like to meet them at their budget.  For example, if you can only swing $100 for social media, we will help.  We will take on clients until we reach our capacity to successfully do so.  It may not be a full-scale social media package, but you will certainly be better off than not taking any action.

My role as a business concierge can be thought of just like the friendly person at the hotel concierge desk.  Think of my business owner clients being the “travelers”, approaching me with wants and needs to make their business more successful.  It’s my job to know the best resources to increase their capacity.  It doesn’t make sense for every business to have a full-time public relations manager, editor, or graphic designer but if things get too busy, we are here for you.  In that regard, we help to make your business appear larger through that capacity building.

So, during this time if you are looking to try something new, or just need a hand until you can hire staff, we’d be happy to be of service!